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Fundraiser – Clothing Drive

I hope everyone is well and getting by these days. If you're bored like me and have cleaned out your closets in preparation for our being able to accept donations again for our FUNDrive, that time is here! Don't worry if you haven't yet, we have until January 2021.

I can start accepting donations by appointment only. I will meet you at the pod, have the door open and ready. You can unload and place your items in the pod. Zero contact, social distancing respected.

We Can Accept:

All items must be clean and in good, clean and sellable condition. Clothes (bagged) - men's, women's and children's - shoes, fashion accessories, belts, purses, bags, backpacks Household Textiles (bagged) - blankets, sheets, towels, tablecloths, curtains Small Household Goods (boxed) - kitchen items, decorative items, knick-knacks, toys and games, small electronics

We Cannot Accept:

Mattresses, large furniture, chemicals, auto parts, tires, flammable material, strollers, car seats, building material and appliances. (Contact fundraiser organizer for complete list)

Message me at the fundraising email address to make your appointment.

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