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EHS Band and Colorguard Boosters


There is a lot of information to be shared so please look for a more detailed email to arrive in the next few days. More details will be discussed at our next parent meeting, date and time TBD.
Based on feedback from parents, students, directors and alumni we feel we can move forward with a fall competitive season with the following conditions:
FALL MARCHING FAIRSHARE: $550. Please read below for how this number can go down. There will not be an additional cost for guard costumes or percussion implement fees.
DOWNPAYMENT: $200 due by June 14th.
The remainder to be due by the first day of band camp. This is critical to moving ahead and is based on having 125 students in the marching band. (More info below on this).
CONCERT BAND FAIRSHARE: $100 due September 15th for ALL band students (in addition to marching fair share). These funds will be used exclusively for the general music fund.
STICKER SHOCK: We know these numbers are higher than the past but given our discussion at the last parent meeting they should not be a surprise. We, as a group have the capacity to LOWER everyone's fair share for this fall by doing the following:
1. Participate in EVERY FUNDRAISER. Tag day is huge! By raising $5000 on Saturday we can lower everyone's FAIRSHARE by at least $30 on Saturday. Raise $10,000 and we lower it by at least $60.
2. Look for and participate in upcoming summer car washes as well as other fundraisers that benefit the entire group,
3. If you have fundraising ideas, speak up and join our fundraising committee. Many hands make light work!
4. Reach out to family, friends, and alumni to donate to this great cause. These donations can lower FAIRSHARE for the entire group.
5. Recruit more band members! The more students we have participating, the more money we have coming in which reduces fair share. Our fall FAIRSHARE number is based on 125 students. If we have more students, FAIRSHARE goes down!

We understand that this year has the potential to be more expensive than in the past. We also believe that by changing our financial strategy, if we have high participation in the program and in fundraising that we have the ability to considerably lower fair share for next year as well as increase the funds available to better serve the entire music program. As stated above, by working hard over the summer we have the potential to lower THIS YEAR'S FAIRSHARE as well. But we need everyone's help.

And very lastly--
If you have the ability please consider paying the entire FAIRSHARE as soon as possible. This helps our students who may need special payment plans because of their financial situation. As FAIRSHARE is potentially lowered over the summer any extra you pay can either be refunded or go towards future seasons.
By pulling together we can continue this great tradition of the EHS MARCHING BAND while also enriching the musical experience of ALL of our music students.
*please email questions to:


This summer, to help reduce the fair share and class fees, the Band, Color guard, and Orchestra have several local Car Wash events planned. These can potentially be great fundraisers, but we need YOUR participation to be successful.

June 25th 9-4 Chucks Produce
July 2nd 9-4 Chucks Produce
July 9th. 9-4 village vendor/76 station NE 1st and 164th
July 16th 9-4 Chevron station next to Dutch bros on NE 28th and 136th
July 23rd 9-4 Chucks Produce
July 30th 9-4 chevron station next to Dutch bros
August 6th 9-4 village vendor

All shifts are still available. Please go to Charms to sign up at The school code in order to sign in is evergreenhsband. Once logged in, click on the volunteers tab near the top left of the page. Then select the Car Wash date you need and click on "Show Volunteer Needs". You will then be able to enter your name and contact info.

Students and parents are all welcome!!! Everyone should plan to do at least one (or more!) car wash this summer. That’s what makes Evergreen Great!


Support EHS programs at a dine out!

When: July 9th from 4:00 to 9:00 PM
Where: Burgerville on Mill Plain

Tag Day

Thank you to everyone who helped make Tag Day such a SUCCESS.

We collected over $10,000 to reduce fall fair share, and pay for much needed instrument repairs, student enrichment, and program expenses in the 2016-2017 school year !!

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