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Program Overview

The colorguard program is a part of the EHS Marching Band, which is sponsored by the Evergreen HS Band and Colorguard Boosters.  There are three different seasons throughout the school year of which all are available to participate in once you are accepted into the program.  The seasons are broken down as the fall marching season, the winter guard season, and the spring parade season.  As a member of the color guard program it is encouraged that each student participates in all aspects of the program.  However, the winter guard season is optional.  All fall participants are expected to participate in the spring parade season.


Rehearsal Attendance

All rehearsals are mandatory to maintain an active participation in the colorguard program.  In order to maintain the high level of performance excellence it is necessary for each individual to be at rehearsals to learn new skills and to enrich previously learned skills.  Listed below are the general expectations of the members for the 2013 fall marching band season.


There will approximately 7 rehearsals over the summer PRIOR to band camp, which is explained below.  We realize that summer is a time of vacations and summer excursions.  However, it is expected that each member attend the rehearsal if they are in town and capable of attending.

Band Camp:  This is a two week period in August where the majority of the marching band program is learned for the fall season.  Each student is expected to be in attendance, with vacations not being an excused absence for this function.  Band camp dates will be available on the website as soon as it is finalized.  Please plan for the following dates:

  • Guard Camp: Aug. 4-7 All days 9-12:30, lunch, 1:30-4:30; except on Friday 8th 9-2pm Guard Carwash/Bussing for Warm-Ups @ Burgerville (4th Plain & Gher Rd) 3-8pm
  • Band Camp: Aug. 11-15 9-9pm, Band directors decide lunch & dinner times
  • Band Camp: Aug. 18-22 9-9pm, Band directors decide lunch & dinner times
  • **Parent Performance Aug. 22 @ 6pm McKenzie Stadium

Fall Season:

Regular season rehearsals are to be determined, but are three times a week.

Program Costs:

Each member of the marching band and colorguard pays what is called a Fair Share towards the overall costs of the program for that season.  This only covers a portion of the overall budget, of which the Band Boosters supplement through fundraising, etc.  The estimated Fair Share amount for the fall season (2014) will be $350.00.  In addition the colorguard members have a uniform fee of $125.00, shoes of $50, gloves of $16,  and (if a member of the rifle line) a rifle of $40.  There are usually member generated fees to promote the team concept, such as a guard sweatshirt or sweatpants, etc.  These are disclosed as they become available.


Winterguard Program Objectives

  • Evergreen Varsity is an environment for advanced students in the art of color guard. Rehearsal, programming, and travel a bit more aggressive than the Evergreen JV Guard.
  • Evergreen JV is an environment for beginning to intermediate students in the art of color guard. Training will be emphasized more to support the advancement to the varsity guard in future years. Programming will be more ‘user’ friendly for both the members and the audience. Rehearsal requirements will be diluted in comparison to the Varsity guard.