Program Overview

We have two very successful string ensembles at Evergreen! The String Orchestra (4th period) is open to all string players while the Chamber Orchestra (3rd period) is by audition only. The orchestras will perform at concerts throughout the year, in small ensembles, and possibly other various performances around the community.

Orchestra Leadership

All members of the orchestra belong to the orchestra “club” which is run by our student Orchestra Council. Each member of the orchestra council has a different responsibility throughout the year and work together to create a positive experience for each student. The Orchestra Council is there to help and assist all string students to ensure their success.

Each section (such as violins or violas) will also have a section leader who is in charge of running sectionals and makes musical decisions for his or her section. This is the “go to” person for each section. All students go to 2 sectionals per month in order to work out any individual issues and to make sure everyone in the section is doing the same thing the same way.

Our Parent Organization

Being the parent of a string student automatically makes you an EHS Instrumental Booster! This orchestra program wouldn’t be successful without the help an effort on the part of all parents. The Evergreen Band, Orchestra, and Colorguard Boosters (“The Boosters”) help to pay for music, transportation, competition fees, and other costs associated with the Evergreen Instrumental Music program as well as volunteer as chaperones and for other needs of the group. The Boosters meet once a month during the school year, with the exception of December and June, for no more than one hour to discuss goings on with the instrumental music program and to ask any questions. Any information about aspects the program, trips, and upcoming events is discussed at these monthly meetings. These are critical so that parents are informed and are not caught off guard throughout the year. Our parents have a blast helping our students so make sure you get involved – you’ll be glad you did!

Orchestra Fees

While we would love to say that students can enroll in the orchestra classes free of any fees, that is unfortunately not the case. In order to participate in Orchestra students are required to pay a $50 activity fee as well as a $35 activity fee to the Evergreen Activities Office. The school is great about helping students and families out in terms of making a payment plan or delaying payment so please make sure to communicate any hardships to the Activities office if necessary. Students will also need to purchase a uniform for performances. Females wear a dress ($65) that they can use for all 4 years in the program and males wear a tuxedo ($35 to rent/$110 to buy). Boys will need to supply their own black pants, black shoes, and white tux shirt if they are renting. If a student rents a tux he will receive a tux jacket and a bow tie which he can keep for the entire school year. Tuxes must be dry cleaned before students return them at the end of the year.

You will have questions!

Our program is multi-faceted and there is a lot of information for you to digest quickly. We start the year running so don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how small. Our Booster Board and other veteran parents would LOVE to answer your questions. Class related information should be directed to Mr. Gustafson who can be reached at school at 360-604-3700 ext 8765 or by email at craig.gustafson@evergreenps.org. If you have questions regarding volunteering, dates, “what does this mean,” or a multitude of other questions, you can also contact the Booster Board – they can answer many questions and comfort you if you are feeling overwhelmed. You can find their contact information here.